This article applies to firmware upgrade of ExamReader, ReaderPen, ReaderPen Secure and LingoPen

There are two main reasons that may cause upgrade to fail.

  1. Non-compatibility
  2. Insufficient memory


Please read through the upgrade compatibility table in each upgrade instruction carefully. 


Prior to 2018, ExamReaders were not upgradable. This includes devices with serial number 2415317119999999 and lower.



ReaderPen exists in two different versions, i) a 4GB version and ii) an 8GB version. 

Go to Settings\System Information\Storage Space and verify Total memory.

  • 4GB version can be upgrade up to version 7.0.89
  • 8GB versions can be upgrade to latest version.

ALL LingoPen and ReaderPen Secure can be upgraded to their respective latest version.

Insufficient memory

If this upgrade failure occur on either model, it is caused by too much data is stored in memory available to the use. This may be user text files (less likely) or audio files (voice memos and/or music files) or system trash. 

BACKUP your text and audio files!

To resolve this - go to Settings\Default settings and confirm to reboot.

System trash

When connecting the pen as U-disk to a computer, especially MAC, the computer sometimes dumps/backups files to a hidden folder on the pens storage. These files are normally not visible in a File Manager but are erased if resetting ReaderPen.

Text files and audio files

Connect the pen to a computer in U-disk mode and backup your files to your computer.