Using C-Pen with MAC OSX 12.x Monterey

The latest OSX update (Monterey) har left us with some issues. We are sorry about any inconvenience.

For details - read below.

2022-05-30 update: Both Connect Desktop and C-Pen Core works with MAC OSX Monterey 12.x. 

2022-05-03 update: Though not yet released, Monterey version 12.4 seems to resolve this issue. Monterey 12.4 beta 4 has been tested successfully and we are not awaiting the actual 12.4 release in order to validate this further.

C-Pen Connect and Connect Desktop app

The app itself, as well as Connect Cloud features, works as intended and all personal content can be accessed.


The Bluetooth connection with C-Pen Connect (BT10) is unstable and it is less likely to be able to connect the pen scanner with your app & computer.


There are quite a few more reports on the web about connecting to Bluetooth accessories after upgrading to Monterey and we are likely to have to wait for further minor Monterey updates before the problem is resolved.

Open AppStore and download, install and use Connect Mobile (iOS app).
NOTE: Using Connect Mobile on MAC OSX does not support scanning text to 3rd party apps.

Access and run Connect Desktop in your Chrome browser.
NOTE: This version is experimental and does NOT support scanning of text to other apps. Other browsers using Chrome browse engine (Edge, Opera) may also work.

TS1 & C-Pen Core


When C-Pen Core starts up it looks for the TS1 and connects with it in order to receive the data created when scanning. With Monterey, the OSX system tries to allocate the TS1 and on occasions when it succeeds - C-Pen Core and TS1 can not connect. In these cases, scanning text with TS1 will not work properly. 


C-Pen Core and TS1 device driver needs to be updated to prevent the problem to occur.


This is work in progress and a C-Pen Core update is estimated to be available within February 2022.

UPDATE 2022-05-16: C-Pen Core 1.9b4
Known issues: TS1 needs to be connected after boot. If connected during boot, unplug+reconnect TS1.

How to update: 
  • In System Preferences/C-Pen Core settings - uncheck Enable Input Method
  • Unplug TS1
  • Download/execute C-Pen Core 1.9b4 dmg file
  • See Open apps from unidentified developers (MAC)
  • When install completed - reboot the computer
  • In System Preferences/C-Pen Core settings - enable Enable Input Method
  • Connect TS1