TS1 product page: https://cpen.com/product/ts1-g2/

C-Pen Core download: C-Pen Core 1.11b12 (MAC)

Compatibility: Ventura, Sonoma


  • Changes from a driver/service to actual app located among Applications. Needs to be manually started when used.
  • Supports MAC OSX Ventura and Sonoma.


  1. Make sure to deactivate/uninstall any previous C-Pen Core version on your computer.
  2. Download and unzip the CPenCore app using link above.
  3. Copy CPenCore.app into your MAC Application folder. 
    • To get to Application folder, open Finder, in top bar menu choose Go and select Applications.

Launch the application

To launch CPenCore.app - open Launcher and select CPen Core. When running you can select to pin it to the Dock.

Allow C-Pen Core to input text

If the scanned text does not appear in the open document when scanning - make sure that C-Pen Core is allowed to paste text. 

  1. Open System Preferences/Security & Privacy - Privacy tab.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Make sure C-Pen Core is enabled.

Supports 100+ languages. Install for free to make sure your language is supported.