Release version 1.4.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Translation lookups not working
  • Fixed infinite loading in dictionary lookup
  • Allow dictionary lookups containing numbers, e.g. 404

Release version 1.4.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed definition lookup in learning games

  • Fixed hidden buttons when editing word lists when zoomed in on a small screen

Release version 1.4.0

New features

  • Scanning to cursor in Edit mode (Connect Desktop - Windows/MAC OSX)
  • Show connected pen status/battery level in sidebar/topbar and in pen settings
  • Send notification when battery of connected pen is at (1%, 5%, 10%, 15%)
  • Added ability to filter files/wordlists/statistics by Group (shared files)
  • Added a voice list in Settings to try out and set preferred voices


  • Improved text selection
  • To select: double-click, triple-click, double-tap, triple-tap as well as dragging with a mouse
  • To extend selection: drag from start or end with mouse or finger
  • Replaced context menu with simplified versions that pop up after text selection finishes
  • Visual improvements to indicate that something happened
  • Scanning text while in paused state will now stop playback and continue with the scan
  • Playback Repeat moved to bottom menu, when pressed will repeat playback until stop button pressed

Bug fixes

  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed undo/redo issues with cloud files
  • iOS: TTS playback is now possible even when silent-switch is ON
  • iOS: Fixed crash when bluetooth devices where connected before opening app on iOS
  • Android: Fix context menu stuck in edit-mode
  • Android: Fixed issues when using non-google TTS engines

Release version 1.3.2

New Features

  • Split words into syllables (beta feature)
  • Access to all connect cloud subscription features with a free trial for all existing and new users
  • Connect cloud subscription can be purchased in app (on iOS and Android)
  • Windows: OneCore voices now supported - added button to open windows settings to install more voices


  • Improved word detection so you can now lookup words in dictionary even if they are not separated by any space-characters
  • Improved high contrast theme
  • Add a word spacing setting to help with reading (especially together with syllables)
  • Improved loading state UI for opening files
  • Increased max line spacing 250% to 300%
  • Added cloud subscription to Connect Cloud page in settings
  • Open C-Pen Shop will now open in users default browser instead
  • Selection will now end when touching another word (Touch devices)
  • "Add to wordlist" will now open "New wordlist" if there are no wordlists yet
  • Removed arrow navigation in popup-dialogs (because of interaction issues with text boxes and drop downs)
  • Load internationalisation only for English and current app language instead of all languages
  • Load routes/pages (text view, settings, startup wizard) when entered instead of startup
  • Select, scroll and play scans more nicely and in correct order

Bug fixes

  • Various UI oddities and issues
  • Group sharing broken in vocabulary
  • Avoid infinite TTS loading if error occurs when trying to play
  • An app crash when scanning text
  • Scanning when autoplay is disabled should work properly now
  • Issue where text was selected backwards - then opening context menu would remove selection
  • Back-button jumping to text reader view instead of settings when inside text rules
  • Unwanted word-focus-changes when scrolling on touch devices
  • Scrolling issues on iOS12 devices
  • Scrolling back to start when pausing playback. Now focus will always follow the highlighted word
  • Make sure focused, hovered and highlighted words UI state don't show at the same time on words
  • Android TTS infinite TTS loading when multiple line breaks were in front of a scan
  • Dictionary popup opening for wrong word after text selection
  • Will now focus first word after selection is completed (on all platforms)
  • Make sure selecting a single word does not cause issues
  • TTS-highlighting obscures the end of characters if not followed by space
  • Fixed default language always English (first install and reset settings)
  • Fixed focus set every time state event happens which would make it impossible to write into the dictionary search bar and make scrolling on old iOS very difficult
  • Fixed focus represented incorrectly after playing a selection completes - now returns visual focus to last focused word

Release version 1.2.0

First IOS and Android release