C-Pen Reader 2 firmware update

R2 1.0.09


  • Solves UPPER case in dictionary


  • Improved Italian UI

R2 1.0.08


  • Word "unison" not found in OPD
  • Scan to File error


  • Read out abbreviations in dictionary definitions
  • Update dictionaries
  • Italian dictionary missing a lot of plurals
  • Voice recording pitch improvement
  • Update NOAD dictionary

R2 1.0.06

New Feature

  • Practice now supports downloaded word files (ref. to Connect Desktop app | Wordlists)
  • Support Italian language - scan, speech, dictionary


  • Practice app flow updated
  • Practice - support for French, Spanish, Italian added
  • Spanish dictionary updated with better support for inflected words
  • UI improved related to enable/disable logging of statistics 

Bugs fixed

  • Collins dictionary - search bug failing to find plurals resolved