Recommended reading: C-PEN Connect – get started

Compatibility & prerequisites

Operating system: iPhone & iPAD iOS13 and newer (version 1.9 is latest version compatible with iOS12)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4

Compatible devices: C-Pen Connect

App functions

  • File repository
    • Scan and save quotes and excerpts.
    • Sign up for FREE Connect Cloud account and backup and share files between your devices and with friends.

  • Text Reader 
  • Scan and listen to text being read out aloud automatically.
  • Listen to text in your saved text files being read out aloud.
  • Listen to words, selected text or complete file. Set to automatically repeat reading.

  • Definitions
    • Connect Cloud PAID feature (free trial)
    • In-context definitions.

  • Translation
    • Connect Cloud PAID feature (free trial)
    • Word and full text translation.

  • Usage statistics & Word Lists
    • App keeps track on words read out aloud and definitions looked up. 
    • Create word lists from statistics.
  • Word games
    • Practice with  word games based on Word Lists.

Download and install

Pair and connect

The C-PEN Connect app downloaded in the previous step includes a wizard on this topic.

Start C-PEN Connect app.

Power on C-PEN Connect by pressing the Power button for 5 seconds. Wait around 20 seconds for the LED indicator to switch to flashing BLUE.

The app will now connect to the pen, and the BLUE LED will turn to steady light.

Now we are ready to scan.

Using C-PEN Connect and its companion app

Everything and anything scanned will end up in the C-PEN Connect app “workspace”.

Text will be saved in the File repository.