A C-Pen device may be shipped for various reasons and to various recipients. 

For a domestic shipment or a shipment within EU, no specific documents are required (unless otherwise agreed with the recipient).

An international shipment does however require custom declaration and pro-forma invoice.

Proforma invoice

If sending the C-Pen back to us, there is a partially prepared pro-forma invoice attached below.

Additionally, fill in:

  • Sender details
  • Shipment details - make sure that currency match the currency of the CN22 document
    • Invoice number = Your RMA number
    • EORI only applies to companies and may be left blank
    • Shipping number = Your RMA number

Always contact C-PEN Support (submit ticket here in this portal) prior to returning any product(s) in order to acquire an RMA number.

  • Any currency can be used but USD is preferred
  • Reason for your export is "Return"
  • Receiver VAT is (ours) SE556985213901
  • Terms of sale is CIF
  • Unit value (electronic scanning pen)
  • HS tariff number
    • ExamReader, ReaderPen, LingoPen, ReaderPen Secure are 8573 70 05 00
    • TS1 and C-Pen Connect are 8471 60 70 00
  • Country of origin - country you are shipping from.
  • Sign at the bottom.

Make sure number of copies and location comply with the shipping company's regulation. 

Example - UPS want 3 copies in a transparent plastic pouch on the outside of the package.

CN22 custom declaration

This custom declaration form is MANDATORY if shipping from outside EU!
If it is not properly attached to the package, we the receiving party will be requested to pay import VAT. This import VAT will be added to the repair invoice.

CN22 forms can be found and downloaded online, and is most likely provided by the shipping company.

But to make it easy - it's available for download below.

"Returns" is pre-checked which means a non-commercial delivery - as applies if returning a product to us for repair. 

In addition, fill in

  • Value in SEK (exchange rate: 10 SEK = 1 €)
  • Total package weight (kg)
  • Total value (SEK)
  • HS tariff number
    • ExamReader, ReaderPen, LingoPen, ReaderPen Secure is 8573 70 05 00
    • TS1 and C-Pen Connect is 8471 60 70 00
  • Country of origin - country you are shipping from.
  • Write date and sign at the bottom

Attach the document on the outside of the package.

NOTE: the CN22 declaration applies when shipping 1 or 2 C-Pen products. If sending more, CN23 is required (check with your forwarder).

What about Lithium batteries?

Some of our C-Pen products has a built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and rules apply when shipping (ref. IATA Lithium battery guide).

BUT - when sending one (1) or two (2) C-Pen products in one single package, no dangerous goods label is required. If sending more units - read the rules!