Below is a brief comparison - for details please visit our products page. Please be aware that functionality of models that requires a connection to a host (computer/tablet/mobile) very much rely on the functions of their companion app. Visit Software for more details about the apps.

OCR/Text recognition

The core technology that enables text to be scanned and recognised is similar in all models - recognition performance is thus comparable between them all.


Connect and TS1 rely on a connection to a host and a companion app on that host. Other models are stand-alone. Yet, some of the stand-alone models allow connected use.


ReadePen and ReaderPen Secure have embedded monolingual dictionaries supporting understanding and literacy.

LingoPen has embedded bi-lingual dictionaries useful for EAL and language learning.

Connect Desktop app has access to both monolingual and bi-lingual dictionaries via Connect Cloud (free trial/paid feature).

All models can be used to scan word into any third party digital dictionary.


The stand-alone models have built in speech capabilities while the connected models rely on speech capabilities of the host. To have text scanned with a connected device (e.g. Connect or TS1) read out aloud, speech software and voices *must* be preinstalled on the host/computer.